Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new DFW Climbers website.  Please pay special attention to the  Policies Page  as we are adding guidelines and general polici...


As a rule, we aren't fans of rules. However, when so many people get together some guidelines must be set forth. We recommend everyone subscribe to receive updates to this page as we will expect those who are participating to understand and abide by these policies. We encourage open conversation, especially if you disagree with a policy or see a safety concern. We want to be inclusive and with that in mind have the following guidelines.

When climbing:

Rule #1: If you see something unsafe, SAY SOMETHING!

Outdoor trips are reserved for those who have climbed with us in a gym. Special cases will be considered, but are rare.

Camping, climbing and other outdoor pursuits are under constant attack.  The rangers, managers, and property owners have a lot to deal with and very little funding.  As such, we ask you do your very best to follow the Leave No Trace ethos.

Camping, climbing and other outdoor pursuits are also inherently dangerous.  Please understand you are responsible for your own safety.

When Posting:

Please don't post any advertisements that are not climbing related.  The first time you will be warned.  The second you should expect to be booted.  If when warning you we don't receive acknowledgement, we will assume you are a bot, and boot you. This is to protect you our members.

This is a family friendly(ish) group.  We don't expect you to be angels, but please don't post inappropriate material.  If you are unsure, feel free to shoot us a quick message at webmaster@dfwclimbers.com.