Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new DFW Climbers website.  Please pay special attention to the  Policies Page  as we are adding guidelines and general polici...

About DFW Climbers

Our group mission:
To build a team of climbers that support each other while having fun in the exploration of climbing places in a safe and respectful environment.

Our values:
Respect: Our differences.
Responsibility: When climbing + when belaying.
Inclusion: Our group is very diverse. The reason for it is our ability to respect and accept every body for who they are.
Sense of Community: Take care of yourself and others on our trips.
Play: Let your inner child be and have fun.

What does it represent to be a DFW climber?
Being a DFW climber means having fun, feel free, be silly and curious, but at the same time responsible and respectful for yours and others' own safety.